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Ending your tenancy

If you wish to end your tenancy, see our advice below.

Your responsibilities

  • If you plan to end your tenancy you must give us at least 4 weeks' notice in writing. The last day must be a Monday.
  • You must return all house keys to the Empty Homes Team on or before midday, on the day you leave your home. If you don't give South Tyneside Homes, the required 4 weeks' notice, you will still be charged for rent and other payments.
  • Once your tenancy has ended you will still be responsible for any unpaid rent and any other outstanding payments. Arrangement to repay any outstanding rent should be made when terminating the tenancy.
  • You must leave your home in a good condition.
  • You must make sure any damage to your home is repaired before you move out. If you fail to do this you will be responsible for any costs to repair these damages.
  • You must remove all of your possessions and any unwanted furniture and effects or rubbish. If you fail to do so you will be charged for any costs incurred for removal and storage.
  • You must remove any animals from your home. If you fail to do so you will be charged for any costs incurred for the care of any animal left behind.
  • You must not allow any person to remain in your home once your tenancy ends.
  • A joint tenancy will end when any of the joint tenants give us four weeks' termination notice.
  • At the end of the tenancy we will arrange an inspection of your home to make sure you have kept to this agreement.


If you are terminating on behalf of a tenant that has passed away, an appointment will be made with an Empty Homes Officer to discuss the process of ending tenancy. Please note, Housing Benefit will cease immediately and you should therefore return all keys as soon as possible.

Property inspection

Once you have informed us that you intend to leave your home we will arrange for an Empty Homes Officer and Empty Homes Surveyor to carry out an inspection of your home. The inspection may identify work that will need to be carried out before you leave.

We will advise you what repairs will need to be carried out so you can arrange these during the termination period before you move out.


You may be transferring to another council home in the Borough. If this is the case we will inspect your home to make sure it is clean, in good decorative order and has no damage.

An Empty Homes Officer will discuss and agree with you the moving date to your new home at the accompanied viewing of the property you will be moving to.

Furniture package

If you have a furniture package in your home, you must contact South Tyneside Homes on 0300 123 6633 to arrange the collection of all the goods before you leave. If you fail to do so you may be charged for missing / damaged items.

£75 reward scheme

South Tyneside Homes will pay a £75 reward to those customers who leave their home and gardens in good condition. To qualify for this payment you have to meet the following conditions:

  • You must give a minimum of four weeks' notice
  • You must not be breaching any tenancy conditions
  • You must not have any legal proceedings against you that relate to your tenancy
  • You must be available for pre-termination inspections
  • You must return all fobs and door entry keys
  • If you have any arrears you must be in an agreement to pay your outstanding debt and agree to the £75 being credited to your rent account
  • You must have provided reasonable access for gas servicing
  • You must make good any damage to your home before you leave
  • You must clear all furniture effects and rubbish from your home, including the loft space
  • You must clear and dispose of all rubbish in your garden
  • You must allow us into your home to carry out relevant tests

Useful organisations you may need to contact

  • Post office - to redirect mail
  • Energy suppliers - meter readings
  • Bank / building society
  • Credit card companies
  • Benefits agency / job-centre
  • Employer
  • DVLA
  • Cable / sky / BT
  • GP / dentist
  • Schools
  • Council Tax