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Performance Overview: Tenancy Standard

These standards focus on how we support you to maintain your tenancy and how we help you to find a home.

Our annual performance for the 2019/20 financial year can be viewed below.

Service Area

StandardStandard achieved?

Area Teams

We will carry out a Tenancy Support Visit within one month of your tenancy starting


Area Teams

We will carry out a Tenancy Support Visit 8 months after the start of your tenancy


Empty Homes

We will complete a Lettable Standards checklist during your viewing and provide you with a signed copy


HomefinderWe will provide housing advice in a range of ways to prevent you from becoming homeless or reaching crisisYes
HomefinderBefore you move into a new home we will ensure you understand your housing options, what homes you are able to afford and what it means to be a tenantYes
HomefinderWe will provide you with a range of ways to find out about available homes, including telling you about who the properties are suitable for and what the local area is likeYes
IncomeWe will write to you before the end of the financial year to let you know of any changes to your rentYes
IncomeWe will contact you if you fall into arrearsYes
IncomeWe will refer you to our Welfare Reform team for debt and benefit advice if you are having difficulties paying your rentYes
IncomeWe will advise you in writing if we are going to take you to court for your rent arrearsYes
Welfare ReformWe will make contact with you to arrange an appointment within 10 working days of you being referredYes