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Social Housing Equality Framework

The framework helps us to improve our approach to equality and diversity in a planned and co-ordinated way.

It provides useful guidance on areas where we need to focus our attention and allows us to build our skills, experience and progress over time, moving from being an organisation that has a commitment to equality to an organisation that excels in this area.

It focuses on what differences organisations have made and what outcomes they have achieved, rather than the processes involved.

We were successful in our 2010 external assessment by Local Government Improvement and Development Agency and got the "Achieving level" of the framework.

The four peers noted that as a company we demonstrated effective leadership, a clear vision for Equality and Diversity, had strong performance management systems in place and staff who have a strong commitment to Equality and Diversity who are prepared to go the extra mile.

The framework was revised in 2014 and we are currently using this to shape and direct our work in this area. We aim to undertake further assessments. 

We have identified a number of areas that need further work and we have developed actions, targets and objectives in our revised Equality Scheme aimed at removing any barriers that customers and employees face.

We are continuously working to make sure that we deliver fair and equitable services and employment opportunities.

The five areas the Framework focuses on are:

  • Knowing your customers
  • Leadership, partnership and organisational commitment
  • Involving your customers
  • Responsive services, access and customer care
  • A skilled and committed workforce

View the Social Housing Equality framework858.35KB