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Equality impact assessments

Equality Impact Assessments make sure that we think carefully about the likely impact that our policies, procedures, strategies and services have on those individuals or groups of people that access them.

Their key purpose is to make sure that a proposed policy or service doesn't affect individuals or groups unfavourably. If anything is identified we must take action to remedy the issue or improve the situation for those groups that are most disadvantaged.

The assessments helps us to make sure that we do not negatively discriminate in the way that we provide services and employment and that, where possible, we do all we can to promote equality and good relations between different groups.

Public organisations have a legal responsibility under equality legislation to carry out equality impact assessments on their policies and services and to set out how they will monitor and take action to address any possible adverse impacts on any individual or group.

If you would like a copy of any of our Equality Impact Assessments please contact