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Expenditure reports

As part of the Transparency Agenda, South Tyneside Homes is committed to publishing its spending on goods and services over £500.

Our spending is detailed in monthly reports dating back to April 2010.

Some items of expenditure are excluded from the reports, including:

  • Payments of less than £500
  • Banking/pension investments
  • Salary payments relating to employees and councillors
  • Pension contributions
  • Severance payments
  • Settlements where confidentiality clauses exist
  • Information that would prejudice our commercial interests. This information has been replaced with the phrase "redacted information"
  • Promises to pay but not yet realised
  • Transactions relating to the underwriting of debt
  • Payments relating to benefits, homelessness and fostering, for example carer benefit payments
  • Payments that relate to personal individuals, for example children or vulnerable people

This is not an exhaustive list. The council is expected to follow the key principles of the Freedom of Information, Environmental Information Regulations and the Data Protection when considering spending disclosures.

Data format

The format of the reports has been published in accordance with the Local Spending Data Guidance.

The report is published in two formats:

  • PDF (which is easy to read)
  • CSV (which provides greater flexibility and allows the data to be downloaded and analysed into applications such as Microsoft Excel)

Terms used in the reports



Name of organisation

This is South Tyneside Homes.

Body ID

Unique identifier for local authority area.

Service detail

This is the specific area responsible for the spend, for example, Construction Services.

Spend description

This is what the spend relates to, for example, expenditure on repairs and maintenance of a building.


The date the invoice was entered onto the system. In the case of purchase card transactions, the date of purchase.


The amount that represents the total spend per transaction.

Supplier name

The name of the supplier recorded on our systems.

Transaction reference

This is the unique reference number generated in our procurement system. It is this reference that needs to be quoted when making enquires.

Publication of future reports

All expenditure reports will be published here on a monthly basis.

Previous reports

If you would like to view any reports previous to 2011 please contact