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Types of repairs

We have priority timescales for the different types of repairs you may report. The timescales are based on the urgency of the work.

Find out about reporting a repair.

Emergency repairs

A repair that could cause danger to life or property if not attended to immediately.

We will aim to make it safe within 4 hours, and, where possible, complete a repair.

Examples of an emergency repair:

  • uncontainable flooding
  • water on electrics
  • broken heating (between 31 October - 1 May) 
  • insecure properties

Please note: we may charge you if a repair that was reported as an emergency turns out not to be so. 

Urgent repairs

Repairs that affect your ability to live comfortably in your home.

We will aim to repair within 1 or 3 working days in accordance with government guidelines

Examples of an urgent repair:

  • power failure
  • unsafe power or lighting socket/fitting
  • broken heating (30 April and 1 November)
  • total or partial loss of water supply
  • blocked toilet, sink, bath or basin
  • tap which cannot be turned
  • insecure external window, door or lock

Routine repairs

These are repairs that are non-urgent and don't adversely affect the use of your home.

The estimated repair time is within 20 working days.

Examples of a routine repair:

  • plastering
  • brickwork
  • joinery

Planned programme repairs

These are repairs where we are able to ensure better value for money by including them in a maintenance programme.

We will inform you that your repair has been included into a maintenance programme and will contact you prior to beginning the programmed works.

These repairs will be completed within 3 months.

Examples of planned repairs:

  • fencing
  • guttering
  • footpaths
  • external brickwork

Regular maintenance 

These repairs are regular and repeated.


  • gas servicing
  • water hygiene
  • electrical testing