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What we've been working on

Scrutiny Panel

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The Scrutiny Panel completed a review of the Repairs and Maintenance service to reduce the number of repairs where there are no answers. Due to the high number of missed appointments, it was felt that the Scrutiny Panel could provide a customers' perspective into how the organisation could look for improvements in the repairs process and reduce missed appointments.

During the review, the Panel:

  • spoke to staff
  • completed mystery shopping
  • took part in journey mapping
  • reviewed existing processes and procedures

Over the course of the review the Panel understood the organisation has significantly made some improvements to the repairs service. However, some procedures were disjointed and further work was needed to make sure that the service was consistent and understood by all staff.

The Panel completed their report in September 2019. The report was well received by the Repairs and Maintenance service. A total of 20 recommendations were put forward by the Panel including:

  • Make sure that all staff use the same system and process to book repairs. Train all relevant staff to book repairs in a consistent way using the same system, ensuring that processes are followed, contact details are checked and added to job and an appointment is agreed with the customer
  • Amend scripting tool for Customer Services, to include a mandatory question to check for an up to date phone number and with an option to provide an alternative phone number for a repair
  • Consider a review of start and finish times for repair staff with a view to developing different shift patterns. This would allow the organisation to be more flexible and better suit the needs of customers
  • Make sure all existing processes are followed and repeat "no answer" offenders are visited by a member of the area management housing team

The Panel are monitoring the progress of these recommendations and will be receiving an update in February 2020.

The Scrutiny Panel are in the process of deciding on their next project, but have also agreed to be involved in a review of Tenancy Support Letters and testing on the new repairs system. Watch this space for details of the next Scrutiny Panel project.

Check and Challenge Group

The Check and Challenge Group have reviewed the process of contacting tenants about their Electrical Inspection and have also been involved in producing a Customer Promise as well as a providing their views on a Domestic Pet Register.

The Electrical Inspection review by the Check and Challenge group included reviewing existing processes and procedures and reviewing the design of letters sent to tenants who are due Electrical Inspection Condition Report. During the course of the review the group felt that letters on the whole were easy to understand. However, the group felt that letters could be clearer in places and use more appropriate language to stress the importance of the work, reassure customers on the process and outline action that may be taken if no contact is made.

A total of 17 recommendations were made which focused on improving the layout and language used within the letters to increase awareness and take-up. Some of their recommendations include:

  • Renaming the work to "electrical check" to remove jargon and be clearer
  • Replacing use of word "dwelling" with "home" to make contact more personal
  • Be clearer in letters on how long the checks will take
  • Adding a FAQ page to one of the letters to "myth-bust" perceptions customers may have regarding the works

The group were also involved in devising a Customer Promise, these promises are what the organisation expects from staff when dealing with customers and in return how we expect our customers to respond to staff.

Read the Customer Promise

2019 Tenants' Annual Report

This year's Tenants Annual Report was launched in October; once again this Annual Report has been written by tenants for tenants and highlights areas within the organisation where services are performing well and also importantly areas that need to improve. 

Tenants Annual Report 2019 available to view now

Paper copies of the Tenants Annual Report 2019 are available please contact below:

Previous Annual Reports can be viewed at Tenants' Annual Report.