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Changes to Homefinder Service

South Tyneside Homes is changing the way it delivers its Homefinder services.

The service offers a range of advice and support around rehousing, helping tenants to remaining in their current home, and assisting people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness.

It currently operates from an office in South Shields Marketplace, however this office will close on Friday (April 20) to be replaced with a telephone assessment and outreach service.

The changes aim to make best use of the service's resources, offering telephone support where possible and an appointment service to people in need of more intensive support.

Customers who require a face-to-face appointment will now be offered this service from a variety of locations across the Borough, including in council buildings and in partner organisations' offices. Freephones for telephone support will be available in South Shields Town Hall, Jarrow Town Hall and Hebburn Central.

Councillor Ed Malcolm, Lead Member for Resources and Innovation, and Chair of South Tyneside Homes' Board, said: "The restructure of the service will allow us to target our resources appropriately and tailor the support we offer.

"We will be able to provide assistance over the phone where possible, and an appointment service where it's needed, for example, complex or urgent cases.

"Footfall to the Marketplace office has fallen and people increasingly choose to interact with services by telephone or online.

"Customers who need a face-to-face appointment will now be able to go to a location that's convenient for them, rather than having to travel to South Shields."

From April 23, Homefinder Services can be contacted on 0300 123 6633.