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YourView Survey Results - Understanding our Customers

In November, we asked for your views to help us understand our customers.

21 customers responded to the survey and gave us their thoughts and ideas. A summary of the results is below:

  • 76% felt that South Tyneside Homes listened to their views as a customer
  • Just 35% were satisfied with their influence over policies and practices
  • 54% felt that South Tyneside Homes kept them up to date with things that affect them as a resident
  • 81% said that they would keep South Tyneside Homes informed of changes in their life that might affect their tenancy
  • 71% were satisfied with the quality of their home
  • 67% were satisfied with their area as a place to live

We had some excellent comments and ideas put forward to improve services including:

You saidWhat we will doTimescale to complete
Tell customers what is going on in a variety of ways
  • Promote the South Tyneside Homes pages within the quarterly residents newsletter
  • Develop up to date news pages on the website
  • Promote what's going on including any stories to residents through social media
April 2019
Customers need to be able to easily access and understand the complaints process
  • Improve the way in which the complaints policy is publicised and ensure that the escalation process is clear if a customer is still not happy
February 2019
Improve communication around what is going on, how services are being developed and how customers can influence these
  • Improve publicity of "what's on" between the South Tyneside Homes and South Tyneside Council websites and ensure customres know where to find this
February 2019
Develop a way for customers to put forward ideas of how to improve services
  • Develop a new website page for customers to give us their views and ideas anytime
April 2019
Improve how customers can get involved and give their views
  • Work with customers to develop a new Customer Engagement Strategy to offer customers a variety of ways to get involved, give their views and help us improve services
March 2020
Have a more interactive Facebook account
  • Develop more engaging content on Facebook including polls to ask customers for views. We will also investigate how we could use a greater variety of social media channels such as Instagram
April 2019
Tackle litter, fly-tipping and dog fouling issues and deal with culprits
  • Promote the "Love Where You Live" Campaign to residents so everyone can play their part in keeping South Tyneside clean and tidy
  • Develop and launch a new campaign to raise awareness of enforcement action that can be taken to deal with culprits, including fixed penalty notices
March 2020

A number of customers mentioned some personal issues which are currently affecting them. Those individuals should have been contacted by a member of staff to discuss their concerns and issues in more detail.

Thank you to those who complete the survey. We will work on the improvement actions you suggested over the coming months. Look out for more surveys coming soon.