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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information for residents in high rise buildings

Following further Government announcements we have had to review the service you receive.

In these unprecedented times it is important that we work together to protect residents and staff from the spread of the Coronavirus.  This information outlines how the service changed from Tuesday 24 March 2020. The health, wellbeing and safety of our tenants are a priority and compliance with the information contained in this briefing will ensure that we manage the risk as best we can. 

For official advice about coronavirus, visit: NHS: Coronavirus (COVID-19).

What you can expect from us

  • In order to keep you and our staff safe, we will no longer be carrying out visits in your block
  • We aim to have cleaning staff in your block as usual, especially focusing on high touch areas, however this may be impacted by the resources we have at our disposal due to the current spread of the virus
  • We continue to deliver our water management programme to high rise buildings, to make sure your water systems are safe. Read about maintaining water safety in your home.
  • We continue to carry out emergency lighting and fire alarm compliance checks.

What we expect from you

  • Please do not contact us unless it's an emergency. If you need to contact us please us the following telephone number 0300 123 6633
  • If you fall into the Government's shielding category you should not use the communal areas. See GOV.UK: Guidance on shielding and protecting extremely vulnerable persons from COVID-19
  • Please ensure that you wash your hands with soap and warm water regularly in line with government guidance (20 seconds) throughout the day
  • Please advise your family and visitors that we are operating an "essential visitors only" policy to limit the number of people entering blocks. If you have family or friends dropping off essential supplies please ask them to leave the items at your door rather than entering your flat

Communal lounges / areas

  • The communal lounges will still be available for use however we would ask that they are not used for events, activities or parties until further notice
  • Use the communal areas with caution observing the social distancing criteria below. Please have consideration for your neighbours who may be more susceptible to the virus
  • Please do not use the communal kitchens
  • If you are in the communal areas please keep a distance between you and others. We appreciate that many over 70s or those with underlying conditions will be social distancing  therefore we ask that you stay 6 feet (2 meters or 3 steps) away from each other
  • If you are able to consider going for a walk around the area to get some fresh air or make use of outside areas but observing social distancing criteria

Heating tickets

  • Access to Jarrow Town Hall over the coming weeks maybe reduced
  • We are advising that customers have enough credit for five weeks heating
  • If you need to top up your heating ticket please contact customer services on 0300 123 6633  to arrange a mutually convenient time to visit Jarrow Town Hall
  • If you need financial support with your top up please let us know when you attend
  • If you need to top up your heating ticket and are currently self-isolating please contact customer services on 0300 123 6633 to discuss how we can help