Street Safety to be Discussed at Meeting

Posted by: Press Team on 21 February 2020 10:57

South Tyneside's attempt to keep members of the public safe at night time will be discussed at a community meeting next week.

Members of the Hebburn Community Area Forum (CAF) will hear about the voluntary community organisation, Street Angels, which offers support and assistance to those who find themselves vulnerable or in difficulty whilst out on a Saturday night in South Shields.

The team, which was established in 2012, liaise and work with a number of community organisations to ensure that vulnerable people are kept as safe as possible whilst on a night out in South Shields.

A presentation will be given on what the organisation does, how it came about and how to get involved.

Chair of the CAF, Councillor Wilf Flynn, said: "The majority of people who are out on a Saturday night get home safely having enjoyed an evening with their friends, family or colleagues.

"Street Angels are there to support those few who find themselves in difficulty and in need of some help or assistance.

"This is a fantastic concept and the volunteers do a great job to ensure that residents and visitors to the town centre are kept as safe as possible during these dark nights."

Members of the CAF will also hear about plans to ask the Westminster Government to introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol in England.  

Minimum unit pricing will increase the price of the cheapest, strongest products.

This initiative is highly targeted and would save lives, money, cut crime and reduce the pressure on over-stretched emergency services.

Councillor Wilf Flynn added: "Each year in South Tyneside, an average of 50 adults die due to alcohol consumption. It is important that we discuss how best to tackle this issue."

Members will also be updated on South Tyneside Homes' management of rent arrears and the eviction process.

The meeting will take place on Monday 24 February at 10am at Hebburn Central, Glenn Street. Members of the public and press are both welcome.

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