Changes to your home


Everyday activities like climbing stairs, moving around your home, bathing or cleaning can all become much more difficult if you're recovering from an illness, an operation or becoming more frail.

Mental ill-health and dementia can also stop you from staying independent.

South Tyneside Homes can help customers to maintain independence in their homes through adapting properties and providing additional support and equipment to suit individuals needs.

South Tyneside Homes and South Tyneside Council work in partnership to provide a wide range of adaptations and equipment including:

  • stairlifts
  • ramps
  • wet rooms
  • hoists
  • lifts
  • handrails
  • widening doors
  • coping with loss of sight or hearing
  • getting around your home
  • converting rooms

South Tyneside Homes works closely with South Tyneside Council Occupational Therapists to identify the right adaptations and equipment that will help you stay independent in your home.

You will need to have an assessment by one of our Occupational Therapists.

To do this, please contact the "Let's Talk" team at South Tyneside Council on 0191 424 6000 and the team will be happy to arrange an assessment.

Further online information, including grants which may be available, can be found by visiting South Tyneside Council: Equipment and changes to your home environment.

We can also ask our Council partners to lend you equipment to that will help you with daily tasks and to maintain independence in your home.