Damp, mould and condensation


We take a zero tolerance approach to damp and mould. We are here to support customers who are struggling with these issues.

Find out educational information about:

  • damp, mould and condensation
  • tips on how to prevent and treat these issues
  • how to report cases to us

There are different types of dampness that may affect your home, including:

  • rising damp
  • damp patches (penetrating damp)
  • leaks from plumbing
  • condensation and mould

Condensation can be the biggest cause of damp in homes. Condensation may be made worse if the other types of dampness are also present.

The information on these pages should help you to identify the various types of dampness and reduce condensation. They will also help you treat the mould growth often associated with it.

View our full damp, mould and condensation policy.

How to report damp or mould in your property:

Report a repair