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Service standards 2020 - 2021

View our service standards for 2020 - 2021.

Dealing with anti-social behaviour

We will:

  • acknowledge 'category A' incidents, which include race or other hate crime, threat of violence or domestic violence within 1 working day and interview or visit within 3 working days
  • acknowledge 'category B' incidents, which include neighbour disputes, criminal behaviour and youth disorder within 2 working days and interview or visit within 5 working days
  • acknowledge 'category C' incidents, which include low level neighbourhood disputes, noise nuisance and anti-social behaviour within 3 working days and interview or visit with 6 working days
  • keep you informed of progress throughout an investigation
  • agree an action plan with you when you report anti-social behaviour to us
  • support you and other witnesses throughout the course of an investigation, including support at court

Managing your home and neighbourhood

  • We will inspect your area a minimum of 12 times a year
  • If you are an introductory tenant we will carry out a:
    • tenancy support visit within two months of your tenancy starting
    • second tenancy support visit within 8 months of your tenancy starting
  • If you live in a high rise building or sheltered accommodation we will carry out:
    • weekly safety checks
    • a yearly fire safety assessment and if required, produce a personal emergency evacuation plan to meet your needs

Improving your home

  • We will notify you 8 weeks in advance of any work we would like to undertake in your home
  • You will be provided with a range of choices when your fixtures and fittings are replaced
  • We will ensure that your home meets the Decent Homes standard
  • We will provide you with information in our Annual Report on the priorities we have invested in, which ensure we provide quality homes and regenerate neighbourhoods

Keeping you safe in your home

  • We will ensure that 100% all high rise and Housing Plus buildings will have a valid Fire Risk Assessment in place
  • If you live in a high rise or sheltered building we will hold bi-monthly residents' meetings to enable you to have a voice in how your building is managed
  • If your building has a lift we will ensure that it is inspected and maintained
  • We will carry out a safety check on all gas and solid fuel appliances annually and at change of tenancy
  • We provide a copy of the landlord safety certificate to our customers
  • We will carry out monthly gas audits to ensure gas work undertaken is to the required standard
  • We will carry out a safety check on all electrical installations every 5 years and at change of tenancy
  • We test communal water supplies every month

Customer Service

  • Acknowledge complaints within 3 working days
  • Aim to respond to of complaints within published timescales
  • Aim to resolve enquiries at the first point of contact
  • Aim to respond to Councillor and MP enquiries within 5 working days
  • We will offer a range of digital channels for customers to use as an alternative to using telephone and face to face contact

Handy Estates

We will:

  • carry out an investigatory process that will lead to the removal of fly tipped rubbish within 5 working days of receiving a report
  • remove discarded needles and syringes within 1 working day of receiving a report
  • paint out or remove offensive graffiti within 1 working day
  • paint out or remove non-offensive graffiti within 5 working days

Housing Plus

  • When you view your new home we will tell you about the service and communal facilities that will be available to you
  • We will:
    • develop a support plan for tenants who require support to maximise their independence
    • make regular contact with you to check your wellbeing
    • review all tenant support plans at least once a year
    • carry out an annual evacuation of the building to maintain safety standards
    • encourage and support social activities

Housing Solutions

  • When you move into a new home we will ensure that it meets our lettable standard
  • We will:
    • provide timely housing advice in a range of ways, available to all customers
    • make sure you understand your housing options, based on your circumstances, when looking for a home
    • make sure you are aware of your responsibilities at the start and end of your tenancy
    • provide you with a range of ways to find out about available homes, including telling you about who the properties are suitable for and what the local area is like
  • If you are threatened or at risk of homelessness we will work with you to agree a Personal Housing Plan which will set out the support that we can offer to prevent you reaching crisis
  • When seeking rehousing we will provide you with advice about Mutual Exchange

Paying your rent

  • We will write to you before the end of the financial year to let you know of any changes to your rent
  • Provide you with clear information that explains your rent and service charges
  • We will notify you if we have requested a contribution toward your rent directly
  • We will offer you a referral to our Welfare Support team or other appropriate service for debt and benefit advice if you are having difficulties paying your rent
  • If you fall into arrears we will negotiate an affordable repayment plan to support you to sustain your tenancy
  • We will advise you in writing if we are going to take you to court for your rent arrears

Getting involved

We will:

  • involve tenants when producing our annual report
  • support our Involved Tenants/Groups to review at least three of our services each year
  • hold quarterly Check and Challenge meetings
  • offer a range of opportunities for you to review and challenge our performance
  • feedback any changes in policy and service which come directly from feedback from customers
  • provide information and signposting to involved tenants towards training and development courses to enable tenants to improve their skills

Carry out repairs to your home

  • We will attend all emergency repairs within four hours
  • We aim to inspect and carry out all:
    • urgent repairs within 1 or 3 working days depending on the urgency of the issue on an appointment basis
    • non-emergency routine repairs within 20 working days on an appointment basis
    • planned repair works within 3 months on an appointment basis
  • We will aim to complete all repairs during the first visit where possible

Debt and welfare support

  • We will offer you a debt appointment within 10 working days of approaching the service
  • We will offer you a welfare benefit appointment within 10 working days of approaching the service
  • We will help you with benefit forms, claiming welfare benefits and with benefit appeals