About South Tyneside Homes


  1. Overview
  2. Why we were set up
  3. How South Tyneside Homes is run


South Tyneside Homes is an arms length management organisation (ALMO) created by South Tyneside Council to manage, maintain and improve its 18,000 Council homes.

It is a non-profit-making company that is 100% owned by South Tyneside Council.

Council Housing Review

The management of South Tyneside Council's housing stock is to be brought back 'in-house'.

The decision by Cabinet follows consultation with tenants and leaseholders.

For more details, see Council Housing Transition.

Why we were set up

As an ALMO, we can focus on delivering and improving Council housing services for tenants and leaseholders.

We are also able to access money that would not have been available to the council had they retained management of council homes.

How South Tyneside Homes is run

South Tyneside Homes is managed by a board made up of 12 volunteer members:

  • four tenants / leaseholders
  • four councillors
  • four independent

Each member brings with them professional skills to help run the service.

The board meets regularly to make decisions about the way we deliver services and how they can be improved.

Find out more about the South Tyneside Homes Board