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About the Board

The South Tyneside Homes' Board is made up of 12 members:

  • four local tenants / leaseholders who represent all of the Borough
  • four Councillors 
  • four independent members

The purpose of the board is to direct the business affairs of South Tyneside Homes by:

  • Setting the vision - what South Tyneside Homes wants to do
  • Setting the objectives - stages for reaching the vision
  • Defining the strategy - details of how South Tyneside Homes will deliver the objectives
  • Defining the core values - how South Tyneside Homes itself should act and behave

The role of the Board

The Board has ultimate responsibility for South Tyneside Homes.

The Board's central role is to direct the work of the organisation including:

  • directing the business affairs of the Company
  • taking overall responsibility for determining strategic direction, key objectives and performance
  • ensuring that day-to-day management is effectively delegated to and carried out by the Managing Director and the Company's other employees
  • carrying out high-level monitoring of all functions and scrutiny of Key Performance Indicators and identified Risks
  • responsible for all matters not delegated to Committees or Officers


South Tyneside Homes has established 3 Committees:

  • Governance and People Committee
  • Operations Committee
  • Audit and Risk

The Committees support the Board in ensuring good governance and effective decision-making.

The role of each of the three Committees is to provide effective scrutiny and monitoring of the functions and responsibilities given to them.

Board Members are appointed to at least one of the Committees.

Becoming a Board member

Tenant / leaseholder and independent members stand down in rotation each year at the Annual General Meeting and vacancies are advertised locally, usually during August.

When available, Board vacancies will be posted on the website, at Board members.

If you might be interested in applying to become a Board member, you can express an interest anytime by contacting the Business Support team on 0300 123 66 33 or email

Board members

View the Board members.

Board members' interests

South Tyneside Homes Board members must declare any interests that could influence their actions as board members.

See: Board members' interests

Ask the Board a question

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