Rechargeable repairs


  1. Overview
  2. When you will be charged
  3. When you will not be charged


A rechargeable repair is where we charge you for completing a repair or clearance work in your home.

This is when repairs and replacements are not caused by normal wear and tear and is the responsibility of the customer.

We are also not responsible for the repair or replacement of anything that has been installed or fitted in the property without South Tyneside Homes' consent.

When you will be charged

Tenants and former tenants are responsible for, and will be charged for, any costs given to South Tyneside Homes as a result of:

  • any court costs incurred as a result of a breach of tenancy conditions
  • boarding up and re-glazing windows
  • lock changes and replacement keys if the tenant has lost their keys or locked themselves out of the property
  • removal of items left in communal areas
  • clearing properties or gardens at any time during a tenancy or at the point the tenancy ends
  • abuse of the emergency call out service e.g. when the repair required is not really an emergency but has been reported as one

There are a few exceptions to repair fees. We will assess the tenant and former tenant for vulnerability and ability to pay.

When you will not be charged

South Tyneside Homes will not charge in the following cases:

  • to the family of a tenant who has passed away
  • when a tenant goes into residential care
  • where a tenant has been a victim of a serious crime, and who has reported the crime to the Police and get a crime reference number or valid supporting evidence from the Police
  • the tenant has been identified as vulnerable and the damage caused is as a result of their vulnerability
  • any damage caused to the home of a tenant by someone behaving in a racist or anti social way

Outgoing tenants will not be charged for anything that has been agreed in writing with South Tyneside Homes.

Items such as carpets and fitted wardrobes will also not be charged for, again as long as it is agreed with South Tyneside Homes.